Join The Club

Join the Club

When you participate in a competition/event organized by Aahlada, by default you will become a member of Aahlada Association. But you may have a question why should I participate in these competitions/events, and be a part of Aahlada network.

Competitions don’t just create winners and success stories. It builds strong personalities, resilience, and determination, a sense of humor and humility. It builds high-performing leaders, executives and entrepreneurs. It is about finding out how well you can do something under pressure. It’s about challenging yourself to get better, stronger, or to improve yourself. It encourages people to be their best, because if not, someone else will come along and take opportunities. Competition is a ‘trial of skill or ability’, so you can’t get the opportunity to demonstrate skills or ability without participating in a completion.

We believe there are lots of benefits for all age groups to be a part of network. When you are part of a group, you get a chance to learn from others. You can’t create experience, you must undergo it or take a close look at others experience. By meeting others and participate in these events, you get a chance to share their experiences and knowledge. Many successful people have one thing in common; they understand the need for public relations. Also one major advantage being a part of valuable network is, it improves your opportunities, whether it is your job opportunity or to get success as entrepreneur. Whether participants go home with trophies or not, everyone is a winner because of the lessons learned outside your group. The tricks you learned which are necessary to survive in the industry, makes you a winner in your life.

Also, it’s excellent feeling when you get a trophy. It gives you a chance to be proud of yourself, and be proud to your parents/school/college/office. Try to make yourself proud.

But most important one which you get from these events is fun, and you get a chance to hang with your age group of people on a Sunday. This gives you and your family lots of fun and enjoyment. Giving a break from your daily routine and having a happy Sunday with Aahlada, not only helps you in all above elements, but also it gives a good kick-start for your next week, it rejuvenates your brain and work sharper.